Components 1


Establishment of a legal and regulatory framework for plant health, seed and seedling materials, and plant protection products.

This Component will be the base for the development of the whole project and therefore will be carried out through an assessment of the major issues related to the three aspects concerned by the project (plant health – PH, seeds and seedling materials – SSM, plant protection products – PPP). It will be paralleled by the initial assessment of the legal provisions in force or under preparation in BiH. Furthermore, it will provide a table of concordance with the related EU legal provisions in order to define which work shall be done for new provisions or to update current legislation. The process will be concluded with a conformity check of the legal documents prepared within the project by a legal expert.

The following activities are foreseen:

Activity 1.1    Draft missing regulations in accordance with EU acquis on plant health regime, seed and seedling material of agricultural plants, vegetable, vine fruits, ornamental and forest plants, placing of plant protection products (PPP) on the market and sustainable use of pesticides

Activity 1.2    Train phytosanitary services staff for the implementation of adopted regulations