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Kick Off




Potato Day – Ljubuski




Training forestry pest survey




Training labaratory accreditation




Training for phytosanitary inspectors about survey and monitoring regarding risk management and quarantine pests in fruit crops




Training for laboratory staff about laboratory methods for diagnosis of harmful organisms




Study visit for phytosanitary inspectors

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Study visit about seed certification and propagating material




Presentation and round table at the VI International Scientific Agricultural Symposium „Agrosym 2015“




Presentation and round table at XII Symposium about plant protection




Theoretical and practical training about survey and monitoring for risk management of forest and ornamental plants




Study visit: practical and theoretical training about the diagnosis of quarantine pests




Information campaign about the plant passport




Training for phytosanitary inspectors




Study visit for phytosanitary inspectors




Study visist about certification of seeds and propagating material




Kids’ Festival




Study visit in Poland, September 2016

XIII symposium about plant health in Teslić, 15-17th November 2016

High-level conference „Strategic development of phytosanitary sector in BiH – results and lessons learned under the EU funded twinning project EU-FITO-BiH”

Closing Conference, 12 April 2017